10 Facebook Optimization Tips for Ecommerce Websites

It is hard to believe that just a little more than a year ago Facebook introduced the “Like” button, and a a few months ago Facebook has given users the ability to add comments and increased the button’s visibility for the benefit of your online store, online marketers and every brand to increase its IN demand status.

But has the Like button impacted e-commerce websites where it counts most in terms of traffic volume, conversions and revenue? Not surprisingly, Facebook recently shared some favorable statistics of its own, along with some tips on how you can best leverage the “Like” button.

The following list is definitely a worthwhile look for online merchants, but we would also like to hear about your own experiences with the Like button and some of the Facebook plugins you are using in the comments section below.

Optimization tips

1. Allowing users to add comments in order to significantly increase the number of clicks on the “Like” button

2. Be sure to display “Like” buttons at both the top and bottom of your content

3. Clicks increase dramatically when “Like” buttons appear near videos, images, infographics and other visual content

4. “Like” buttons that display thumbnail images of friends will receive three to five times more clicks than versions that don’t

5. Ask questions of users on your Fan pages, such as “Would you like …?” and “Would you prefer … ?”

6. Post fun and interactive content such as games, trivia questions and polls

7. Incorporate coupons and discounts on your Wall

8. Post time-sensitive content and relate to current events

9. Post videos

10. Include links to additional content

Our Point: Use social media because just one like can make your product, site or services go viral because of it’s reach to over 600+ million people.  We would like you to hear about your experiences using Facebook on your ecommerce site.


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