5 Facebook Marketing Essentials

Facebook UpdatesHere are 5 Facebook marketing tips you should be sure you have already done to your Facebook Page in order for you to continue to be relevant on the web and to have a Social Media presence that drives for traffic to your site:

The Cover Image
You will notice that the Cover Image now dominates your Facebook page!

From a design standpoint this 851 x 315 pixel image (strange dimensions – must have been a programmer that determined this) so dominates the design of the page that you need to make sure you use this space effectively. There are some rules that Facebook will enforce, such as no calls to action, or sales and no references to “Like” or other Facebook terms.

You will also have the ability to tuck a profile kind of square image (180 x 180) into the cover. The sizes and position of these images are fixed but you can get pretty creative with this space. The main bit of advice is to get an image that says a lot about what your brand is all about.

The About Box
The About tag offers a nice branding opportunity for your companyDown below the Cover Image is the About tab. This box links to the traditional about page that has always existed. However, you now have the ability to dictate what show up on your Facebook homepage in this box.

Edit your about settings to dictate what shows on the about tab
If you’re set up as a local business in your Facebook About settings then the default for the About box is your address and phone. This may be fine, but if you would rather have a tagline and link to your website, then edit your About settings. Keep the text short, about 90 characters including web address, so that it doesn’t fall off the page.

Tab Calls to Action
Create custom calls to action for your other pages and apps
To the right of the About box you’ll see images for all of your current pages and apps or what used to be called tabs. You can now have 12 apps and pages listed and the first four will show up on this bar.

Here’s the cool trick for this one. Now you get to create images for these apps instead of simply using the default app or page images. So now if you want to send someone to a page to grab a free eBook you can use an image to create a call to action. You simply open the page and hit edit settings and then upload a 111 x 74 pixel image that you want to represent your page. You can rearrange the order of the tabs to make the four most important stand out.

The Pin
You can pin an item to the top of your page for 7 days
Another way to bring focus to something you are marketing is to pin a story or item to the top of the page. As the admin you can pin a story for up to 7 days and will appear as your top story.

To pin an item you simply click on the edit button to the top right of a story and hit Pin to Top.

The Star
When you star or highlight an item it spreads across both columns
Facebook lines the posts and updates on your page up in two columns. If you want to bring special emphasis to an important post or highlight a product launch you can hit the star in the upper right corner of the update to highlight it.

This makes the post spread across the page and brings special emphasis to it.
Make sure that you update these features today – or have us do it for you! We’ve seen a traffic spike from Facebook due to some of these more marketing friendly little tweaks.

In the end though it’s still about the content. Make sure you continue to invest in the wall and creating visually and mentally stimulating content.

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