Blogging Part 2: Starting a corporate blog

So how do you get started with your corporate blog?  Your web designer would be happy to start you on your way and get you up and running with a blog in minutes.

If your blog is incorporated directly into your site, the search engines will find your fresh content on a regular basis.  This is a fairly simple process and your webmaster should be able to get it working in short order.

Here are a few tips to follow when starting a corporate blog:

1.  Don’t be afraid to share your client experiences.  Telling interesting and positive stories about various case studies with your clients is the best way to connect with customers.

2.  Try to find some exclusive turf.  Given the large number of blogs on the Internet, this is easier said than done.  Try to write about something unique or take an old topic and give it a unique angle.

3.  Veer away from politics both nationally and within your industry unless your business is politics.  You can never be positive all of your customers are going to lean your way and it is a good idea to avoid these discussions.  Alienating even one of your site visitors is not worth the risk.

4.  Keep it short.  No one wants to read 1,200 word blog entries.  If you have a long article break it up into a series of articles like I’m doing on corporate blogging.

5.  Promote your blog.  Send emails to customers, friends, and family – let them know when you publish a new entry.  This will stimulate referrals and readers.

6.  Use pictures.  Images can make a blog feel more exciting and easier to read.  Depending on the software you use for your blog you could even add video to it.

Next week we will discuss how to use your corporate blog as a traffic powerhouse!

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