25 Ways to Dazzle Your Website Visitors & Social Media Followers [Infographic]

25 Ways to Dazzle Your Website Visitors & Social Media Followers [Infographic]

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We are always looking for ways to provide valuable content that our prospects and customers can use and deem of value from us. Here is a good content matrix that might provide you with some new ideas and content to create.  Customers are starving for information that will improve and grow themselves and/or their businesses.

There are four main areas to focus in on when building content and they are to entertain, persuade, convert, and to educate.  Focus on building evergreen content, the content that seems to apply in just about every circumstance to provide value.

Podcast Ep. #013:  2-Minute Tuesday Marketing Moment Premiere Episode (2TMM)

Podcast Ep. #013: 2-Minute Tuesday Marketing Moment Premiere Episode (2TMM)

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This week we are premiering the 2-Minute Tuesday Marketing Moment.  Every Tuesday for 2-5 minutes we will share with you the tips, tricks, tactics, solutions, and resources to marketing to the next level for your business.  Each week here and on YouTube we will give the information you need to have a competitive advantage over your competition.  Be sure and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and on our YouTube Channel right now.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Premiere Episode

Links & Resources

  • More Coming Soon!

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Is WhatsApp for Business? 6 Ways Your Businesses Can Benefit [Infographic]

Is WhatsApp for Business? 6 Ways Your Businesses Can Benefit [Infographic]

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Wait!  Another social media app!  No!  Hold on!! This one actually has some merit. WhatsApp has the capability to make a one-on-one connection with your customers as well as help in streamlining your entire customer service experience in ways your competition is not! Especially if you are a global company WhatsApp can be the most cost-effective tool you use!

Headway Capital share their tips for success in this infographic.

WahtsApp In Business

OMG! Finally A 30-Day Road Map For Social Media Content

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OMG! Finally, someone did it!! Provide me a simple to follow road map to give me some great ideas that I can use to create content. Surely you have never had a block on what content to create, I will admit I do from time to time. If you looking for content inspiration for your social media posts to fill your social media content calendar check out Websites 4 Small Business infographic.

30-Day Social Media Calendar

Please give them some love!! Share with me your ideas to break your content creation block!