Podcast Ep. #009 – Is Voice The Next Big Frontier In Marketing with Caroline Dunn Part 1 OF 2

Podcast Ep. #009 – Is Voice The Next Big Frontier In Marketing with Caroline Dunn Part 1 OF 2

Our guest Caroline Dunn of the Alexa Group, LLC has some great insight on how voice will play as the next big thing in marketing.  Her comments and insights were so good that we broke our conversation into two episodes.

From how Alexa is changing society by making it virtually friction-free to engage now with someone to what Amazon’s voice strategy is in the future for business, Caroline’s insight will make you think about the future voice should play in your company’s marketing strategy.

Caroline’s energy and amazing insight make taking the time to listen to this podcast worth every minute.  Listen now!

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • We learn to speak before we read and/or write.
  • The age of the smartphone brought attention to voice with Siri
  • Voice across the board creates interaction and discussion between people.
  • Voice Messaging is being added into more apps like LinkedIn
  • Voice is the ultimate user interface.
  • Thanks to Alexa, Google Home and Siri the age-old “Clapper” is being replaced
  • Why voice makes your products frictionless.
  • And much more in this episode…

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