Small Business Marketing Tools

Here are a few of the best small business marketing tools and information we have run across lately!  Enjoy them!  Let us know what sort of things you are looking for online to better market your business and we’ll try and find it.

Beginner SEO and Marketing

The Top 7 Social Engagement Plugins to Drive Free Traffic to Your Blog — Tools. Here are seven traffic-generating plugins you’ll love trying out.

Promotion — The AIDA Model — It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling in person, using a video, or writing the text for a sales letter, the AIDA is the single most popular way to generate sales and promote your products/services. If you’ve not heard about it before, or need a refresher, wander over to Jennifer Fontaine’s blog and have a read.

Cut Through the Hype: How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan — The small details really do make all the difference, but before you can worry about the details, you have to get the basics right If you’re thinking about your marketing plan, head over to Small Business Trends and take in Tyler Garns’ advice on the subject.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

15 Ways to Avoid Bad Online Reviews — Negative reviews are inevitable, but you can prevent a good number of them from appearing on the Internet, if you’re careful. (And no, it doesn’t involve intimidation or building connections with the mafia.)

How to Choose the Right Content to Drive Online Sales — If you’re interested in content marketing, this video interview of Lee Odden is going to be a great addition to your week. Want some more wisdom on content and sales? Check out Holistic SEO With Cross-Channel Keyword Optimization & Copywriting. (Don’t let all the big words scare you.)

Content Marketing Blunders that You Must Avoid to Save Your Business — Content marketing is just as much about doing things right as it is about not doing things wrong. Have you been making mistakes with your content marketing? How about some of the mistakes discussed in this Small Business Branding blog?

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

Your 5 Buyers: How to Sell to Daniel — We’ve been really enjoying Naomi’s look at the different customer types, and we know you have too.  This is her fourth buyer type in the series.

Email Marketing Continues to Provide Strong Results — Deluxe Blog for Small Business looked at a study performed by the Direct Marketing Association. And if you believe this study, you may want to spend some time improving your email campaign.

Groupon is one of the most successful email marketing companies on the planet. What to know what their secrets are? Head over to Email Marketing: Groupon’s Segmentation Strategies Across 115 Million Subscribers at Marketing Sherpa by Adam T. Sutton. While we’re on the topic, Vertical Response had a great piece on Email Etiquette Dos and Don’ts, as well.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

Facebook Launches Ticker & Popularity Driven News Feed Prompting Outrage — Facebook made yet another round of changes to its platform. Some people loved it, but others…well, head over to Kherize5 to get the lowdown on the subject. And when you’re done reading that…

Social Media Marketing: How to Ensure Facebook Doesn’t Tear Down Your Wall — And if you’ve been complaining about Facebook, or are thinking about whether or not to work within their rules, try this piece from Marketing Sherpa.

Microsoft, Yahoo! And AOL Form Display Advertising Partnership — PPC advertisers are going to find this news story interesting. In an effort to compete with Google, the three search companies have decided to join forces. While this may not necessarily affect you directly, it could have some interesting indirect affects. iNeedHits has the details.

Our Po!nt:  Let us know what you think of this stuff and what you’d like more of so we can keep our ears open.


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