Is Your Email Marketing Considered SPAM?

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Is your email marketing considered SPAM? – A good question to ask your marketing department

With the growth of the internet, email marketing has become an increasingly popular medium for getting the word out there about your businesses. But, as more and more businesses turn to email marketing, email recipients are getting more and more fed up with the relentless attacks on their inbox.

Unwanted email from your business, falling into the right hands, can be a marketing Continue reading

Are You Using Email to Send Press Releases?

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If you are here are a few tips that most of the experts agree will increase your odds of getting your story noticed!

Let’s face it, we all get way to many emails.  It is the way all corporations stay in contact and is an often times preferred method of contact by editors, reporters and analysts. As with any e-mail program you use to promote your business, corporate PR e-mail starts with considering the needs of the audience. These same media magnets are inundated with e-mail press releases every day. If you want your important news to be Continue reading