Risky SEO Techniques and Tricks

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Today you see ads and get email fro people that say your website has “some key things missing from your site”or the ones that promise you will be ranked #1 in Google.  While there are several key elements that you need to improve your rankings, you need to run from those companies that promise you a #1 ranking in any search engine.  First off to do it organically you will need time inorder to do it correctly.  Lately, a number of businesses and websites have been reprimanded for using techniques that are questionable in the the eyes of the major search engines.  Punishments have ranged from Continue reading

Organic SEO vs PPC (Pay Per Click)

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For the past few months we have seen a heated debate rising as to which is better – organic search engine optimization or pay per click.  Both organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) search are important just as public relations and advertising co-exist.  It really isn’t an either/or situation for both of these methods of creating awareness about your company.  The relative success of public relations and advertising is different for every company.  Similarly the mix for SEO and PPC varies from Continue reading

What Is The Web Saying About You?

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If you were to go the web now and search on your name you may get bits and pieces about who you are, your professional successes and what your business is all about.  But the information is often time fragmented and often time not quite accurate.

Have you ever wanted to just add a line or two to a posting on the Internet about you related to you to make it sound better but were unable to get Continue reading

20 Free Ways to Advertise Your Website

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Television ads are often prohibitively expensive for small businesses to produce and air. Magazine and radio ads are less expensive but still require a sizeable investment when part of an ongoing campaign. Although you can spend a lot of money on an Internet campaign, there are many ways to leverage the Internet and gain free advertising for your business. Following are 20 ideas to consider.

Increase your visibility on search engines: Insert keywords that describe your business into Continue reading