Technology in Combination with a Handwritten Note Creates Results

Here’s an interesting low tech idea on sales prospecting in what has rapidly become a high tech world.

Sales 2.0 is focused on using technology tools to reduce sales cycles and increase productivity. New and improved technology will only get you so far — at some point you must create a warm connection.

With over a 99% open rate, a handwritten note is a dynamic tool in combination with new sales technology to warm up a targeted prospect and get in the door. Use technology on business networks like LinkedIn to research and target prospects. Then connect using a handwritten note as a first contact and see the results of a dramatically warmer reception when you follow-up by phone.

A Profits in Progress client saw a 500% increase in set appointments by warming his prospects with a handwritten note for the first contact. “As a way of generating a warm reception to a cold call, I created a campaign using Profits in Progress note cards and a custom leather coaster. I handwrote a note to the CEO of my targeted client, including a leather coaster. I followed up with a phone call to make sure he received his ‘gift’. As a result of the first 100 mailed, I was able to personally talk with 30 of the recipients, set up 6 appointments and close 4 sales. As a comparison, prior to this campaign, it was considered a success to set 1 appointment for every 100 calls.”  – Jeff M.

The Note-Working Success System makes it easy to put your pen to paper and get noticed every time. With beautiful note cards that are exclusive to subscribers of the system the month they are released along with sample messages and tracking sheets to measure results, this system is designed to help you write a note in only a few minutes and make a dramatic connection that produces results.

Vanessa Lowry is a connection expert and owner of Profits in Progress, helping businesses integrate the dynamic tool of handwritten notes into their marketing strategies to get noticed and make their recipient feel valued. She can be contacted at or 678-521-8820.


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