To Blog or Not To Blog!

I realize that it may sound somewhat Shakespearean to make a statement like that but over the past few weeks I have been running into some interesting observations about the future of a blogs.  I had lunch with one of my friendly competitors recently and he made a disturbing comment to me about the future of social networking and blogging.  He said and I quote, “It’s just a fad!  Will be gone in a year to eighteen months.”   My comment was, “Are you NUTS!  With over 12 million blogs currently online and with 175,000 being added weekly, I doubt it will ever go away!”

From a B2B perspective you have to be careful if you are going to blog not to make it a blatant sales pitch but something that is informative, fun, personal and creates long term value for your customers and visitors.  Us your blog to also provoke comments and discussions about your topics and opinions.

Our Po!nt: Focus more on what your customer needs are and you will win long term.  as always we welcome your comment, thoughts and insight.

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