Top 5 On Our Radar – Week of 8/16

More of the exciting things we have found on the Internet that we are putting to use!

1. Why and How To Develop Great Ideas – If you are creative, like us, ideas are constantly flying around. Often times to the distraction of the focus of the business. Constantly chasing a moving target puts you in a tail spin quickly. Next time you get what you think may be the next best idea download the attached work sheet in this blog post to make sure.

2. 5 Lead Generation Tools: Just in Time for 2011 Planning – Most companies don’t even have a lead generation plan to keep the flow of opportunities flowing. Here is a great starting point.

3. Consumers Focus on Savings, Not Sprees – Here is some information that if you are selling consumer products you need to take note of. The theory of pent up demand may really not be true.

4. Facebook Marketing: There’s More to it Than Just Your Fan Count – Facebook now taking over the #1 activity on the Internet, beating out pornography, as a business owner you need to take a hard look at it if you don’t already have a Facebook page.

5. 5 Small Biz Web Design Trends to Watch – These are the sort of things that can put your next website redesign over the top!!

Our Po!nt: Enjoy! We welcome any additions you may of found this week as well.

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