Top 5 On Our Radar – Week of 9/20

Our weekly review of 5 of the best websites and blog posts we have run across during the past week. From tools you can use to things that make you go…MMM! Please add your best sites in the comments below!

1. 10 Emerging Social Platforms and How Businesses Can Use Them – Sometimes you have to experiment with new marketing techniques to be a pioneer in your industry. Here are few of the emerging social platforms.

2. 5 Facebook Fan-Acquisition Strategies – If your business does not have a Facebook Fan page, get one now! Here are 5 simple ways to use Facebook to get more customers.

3. How to Create Fan-only Facebook Content – Have you ever wondered how some Facebook pages show specific content or offers only to fans? If so, look no further. This is just some of the many ways to add content to your Facebook Fan Page.

4. 5 Winning Social Media Campaigns To Learn From – More and more companies are starting to broaden beyond the traditional online advertising of banner ads and Google Adsense. Many are opting to run some amazing social media campaigns. The nice thing is that social media campaigns take full advantage of the web’s unique properties like interactivity, community-building, and the ability to specialize local offers.

5. 10 Ways to Take Your Clients from “Eh” to Electrified – These 10 ways are not only great at winning new clients, but sets you apart from the competition! If you are not doing these, start implementing them now.

Our Po!nt: Enjoy! We would like to hear about some of your favorite websites that you run across so we can share them here.

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