Top 5 On Our Radar – Week of 8/9

We are going to be starting a weekly review of 5 of the greatest websites and blog posts we have run across during the past week. From tools you can use to things that make you go…MMM! Please add your sites in the comments below!

1. The 4 Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends Explained – If nothing else you need to be aware of the sort of trends that are starting to show traction in the online market place.

2. Aviary Screen Capture – The best screen capture tool in the world! Ever wanted to take a screen shot of part of a web page, the entire screen, or even the entire web page below the fold? You can now! This FireFox browser plug in is amazing! Thanks to Evan on our team for sharing this real treasure.

3. Checklist: How to start a business Blog! – The fact is that web sites with a blog received 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than those that didn’t have a blog. Does it make sense to start a blog for your website? You bet! Here is a great starting point.

4. 5 Tips For Email Delivery – These are the basics in making sure your email marketing campaigns get delivered.

5. 4 Ways News Releases Boost SEO – We have been preaching for years about the benefits of using News Releases to boost not only your exposure, but your SEO rankings as well. Here are four simple ways to do that right now! Really, I mean now.

Our Po!nt: Enjoy! We welcome any additions you may of found this week as well.

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