Speaking about marketing is one of Mark Treager's passions.

Mark Treager SpeakerMark Treager, the Chief Evangelist Officer of Cornerstone Media Group is not only a sought-after keynote speaker; he presents hands-on workshops, where he teaches business owners and corporations how to navigate the marketing universe. On a larger scale, Mark has produced his own events and has been invited to speak at business venues ranging from community organizations, marketing related podcasts, college/high school campuses, business mixers as well as local and national business events.

For over 35+ years Mark has been labeled as a maverick right from the start of his professional sales and marketing career because he refuses to accept the marketing "status quo".  He has a long career of stirring the pot, questioning "WHY", tipping over the sacred cows and a real passion for finding unique uses of today’s modern technology to get his clients voice into the minds of potential customers. His simple, logical, diverse and down to earth approach to marketing will challenge your thinking WAY "beyond the box" in creating generational customers for your brand.  His humor and approachable manner will make your next event, seminar, trade show, product demonstration or even working with him and his team an experience you soon won’t forget. 

Some of Mark's most requested sessions are:

  • Does Your Company Speak Prospect? (Branding, Messaging, Digital Marketing, Social Media)
  • The 11.5 Mission Critical Videos Every Business Must Have to Attract Amazing Customers!
  • Are You Selling Aspirin, A Vaccine, A Vitamin Or A Blue Pill?
  • How Can Tipping Cows Grow Your Business?
  • Does Your Business Have the Guts To Challenge The Status Quo?
  • Pattern Interruption/Disruption - Your Business Secret Weapon!
  • 5 Simple Marketing Concepts To Grow You Business Immediately!
  • What Is Your Company’s Zero Moment Of Truth in Converting Prospects to Customers?
  • Is Your Company Fully Engaged In Today’s Ever-Changing Internet Economy?
  • Mobile Marketing - Is Your Company One Thumb Click Away From Your Customers? 
  • Disruption Marketing - How to Create a Market Disruption for Your Product!
  • Typical speaking times: 45 to 90 minutes (adaptable to fit schedule)

Mark can tailor his message to your organization:

“I will discuss your groups’ needs and wants with you, in detail, prior to preparing my presentation. I will arrive early to be certain to test the audio/visual equipment, meet with you and/or your meeting planner for a final time as well as be there to greet your guests as they arrive. I will answer questions, as time allows, and will honor the time frame given. I will remain at the event until completion, making myself available for your attendees. My goal is to be of service; to educate and inform your attendees!”

For more information and to find out when Mark is available for your group, organization, or conference, please connect with Mark here.