MMG Logo3000Marketing Made Great PodcastMarketing any business is a constant struggle and can be extremely confusing to boot in making sure people understand what you do and/or sell!  Our goal with The Marketing Made Great Podcast (MMGP) is to give you the tips, tricks, tactics, and resources that you can often time implement immediately.  The format is an interview show with some of the top marketing people both locally here in Atlanta and around the world.

Listen in every Monday for inspiring and actionable conversations with the smartest minds in all forms of marketing. We speak to the marketing directors, managers and thought leaders who are driving innovation and growth as well as the campaign strategists, copywriters, data analysts and conversion-centered designers on the front lines. Tune in and get inspired to take your brand to the next level!  Let that be your call to action and commitment to tune in each week to make your marketing great!

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About Our Host on MMGP

You host for the Marketing Made Great Podcast is the Mark Treager (Chief Evangelist Officer at Cornerstone Media Group in Atlanta, GA).  For over 35+ years Mark has been labeled as a maverick right from the start of his professional sales and marketing career because he refuses to accept the marketing status quo. His long career of stirring the pot, questioning why, tipping over the sacred cows and a passion for finding unique uses of today’s modern technology to get his clients voice into the minds of potential customers allows him to bring a disruptive point of view to marketing. His simple, logical, diverse and down to earth approach to marketing will challenge your thinking WAY beyond any box in creating generational customers as you build a legendary brand.

Mark's goal is to give you  the tools and the inspiration to creat a legendary, generational brand.  Please be sure to reach out with your thoughts and suggestions at any time as Mark would love to hear from you.  With that in mind here is a brief introduction to The Marketing Made Great Podcast.

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