Hack Google? 50 Search Shortcuts to Save You Time

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How To Hack Google!

If you are like me I get fed up from time to time sorting through a lot of irrelevant results when searching on Google.  I want to get access to the best informationin the shortest amount of time.  Ran across an infographic from Rachel Rofe on the best  50 Google shortcuts you can use that will save you a ridiculous amount of time when searching. Really great stuff!  Enjoy!!

How To Hack Google!!

Our Po!nt:  With Google constantly changing results it can get a little frustrating figuring out how to get the results you need.  Rachel Rofe‘s infographic is a great resource.  Share some of your search tricks below!  #MarketingMadeGreat

Still Not Considering Content Marketing? 10 Stats That Will Change Your Mind!

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Content Marketing

We get it!  Creating great content can be a pain, hassle, frustrating, scary, confusing, expensive, time-consuming and most of all NOT fun!  We avoid it! Put it off!  Ignore it! Forget it! And often times just STOP IT!! We are here to tell you START IT!!  NOW!!

Here are just 10 simple reasons, stats, results, and some real benefits from your company creating and starting your own Content Marketing Campaign!

  1. Content Marketing vs. Paid Search – When you put content marketing against paid search, content marketing gets three times the leads per dollar invested.  Plus with paid search you get to keep feeding it piles cash each month to get results. With Content Marketing you pay once for the content and it increases in value over time.
  2. Lead Generation Value – Content marketing often times generate’s as much as three times as many leads as outbound marketing and will cost you 62% less.  Why? When they read your content they want to not being forced to like conventional marketing!!
  3. Ad Overload – In 1984, a person saw an average 2,000 ads/day. By 2014, they saw around 5,000.  Now with ad blocking software, your message may never get through.  Content has not blocking!
  4. TV vs. Internet – Nearly half of 18- to 49-year-old people prefer to get their news and information online – and those numbers continue to grow by them using Search, Social Media and blogs they have access instantly to the information you want them to see when they want it.
  5. 77% of Internet Users Read Blogs – Small businesses with blogs added to their marketing mix get 126% more lead growth than those small businesses without.
  6. Content Builds Trust – After reading any given product recommendation on a blog, 61% of online consumers made a purchase from the content on the page.
  7. Content Converts – Content marketing produces conversion rates six times higher than other methods.  The time and effort it takes to produce content will result in a better ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).
  8. Content Ranks – Populating websites with content can increase pages indexed by 434% and ranks higher in the search engines versus other sites that do not publish content.
  9. Content Content Content… – Businesses striving to push out as much as 16 posts a month will get as much as  3.5 times more traffic than businesses publishing nothing to four articles in the same time frame.
  10. Customers DigIt!! – Content Marketing establishes you as a subject matter expert over time.  Content helps you become relatable to your customers. by including customers into your content campaigns from time to time they see just how you solve problems, become more relatable and more.

Now is the time to start planning your Content Marketing strategy for 2018 so when the new year begins you’ll begin to connect and attract more people to your brand.  Make it simple, not complicated!  In the weeks ahead we will begin expanding on how you can start and maintain your own Content Marketing for your business.

We want to hear from you!  What specific questions do you have about Content Marketing you are dying to get the answers too?  Drop us a line soon!  #MarketingMadeGreat

Marketing Has Become Uncomplicated! FINALLY! Well…Not so much!?!

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Marketing Technology Landscape infographic for 2017

Digital marketing today has gotten even more complicated with no real signs of slowing down!!  From the infographic above here are some statistics that you need to see that  MARTECH published in their Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2017): Martech 5000 infographic that caught my eye! 

Statistics from the 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape

The official stats for this year:

  • • There are now 5,381 solutions on the graphic, 39% more than last year
  • • There are now 4,891 unique companies on the graphic, up 40% from last year
  • • Only 4.7% of the solutions from 2016 were removed (and another 3.5% changed in some fundamental way — their name, their focus, or their ownership)
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That’s not a trivial amount of growth, churn, or confusion for any company to digest no matter how big or small you are to get a handle on!  Not to mention the amount time, resources and treasure it takes just to manage it all your current digital marketing efforts!  Frustrated yet?  We are always asked how can my company compete and still build relationships with new and existing customers at the same time with all of these options?  Great question!!

Frankly! The growth has become more than even we can keep up with!  I hate to admit it but when we started nearly 25 years ago it was easy to get a company tfound on the Internet!! People just wanted their logo to spin or my all time favorite BLINK (you know who you are that asked!)!! They thought it was the way to be unique! So now what is a company to do if even their trusted marketing resource/agency can’t even keep up with everything?!?  Another GREAT question!!

For the last several years we have been pioneering solutions that are bringing clarity to many companies that bridge the technology/relationship gap with customers to answer just that question.  Simply put!! Customers just want you to stop telling me about all of the features and benefits of your product that you think I need and just listen to me for a change!  I promise you I’m going to tell you what I want if you will just ask! Once you listen it will be very easy to show up where your customers are using your product or services?

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The AHH Moment! 

I assure you you will have an AHH moment!  I know we did! Here’s what you will discover:

  • • When are you going to make a product that will solve…?
  • • I’m willing to pay more if your product could just…!
  • • Can you show me a way to get from X to X over time?
  • • If you could just add these features I would upgrade to…
  • • And the sort of questions you are always asked here that if you would just…

When you know what customers want then really provide them the things to solve their problems, it will be very easy to find the right digital marketing tools to reach them!  Take the time to just ask!  I assure you they will tell you!

Need the tools to find out what they want.  PLEASE just ask us! We want to share! Many of the tools we offer are actually FREE! Shhh…Whatever you do don’t tell your competition you are going to start asking your customers what they want to meet their needs going forward. Why?  They will start getting very, very nervous that you will start stealing their customers. Hey!  😉  No worries.  I’m not going to tell them you are!

Our Po!nt: Listening to your customers want should to be what the new normal as you company grows and expands its product lines.  The answers makes it very to easy to partner with your marketing team to find the perfect way to reach customers right when they need you! Share with us your customer AHH moments! We would love to hear them. #MarketingMadeGreat


Most Watched Facebook Publishers October 2016

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The Top Facebook Video PublishersThere were over 8 million videos uploaded directly to Facebook in October 2016, generating over 208 billion views for around 1.1 M different publishers. But which Facebook video publishers were the most popular? The ‘Most Watched Publishers on Facebook’ leaderboard gives an exclusive look into the brands and social media stars who are generating the most video views on the world’s biggest social networking site.

The following are the most watched Facebook Publishers for October 2016 according to Tubular Insights!

  1. UNILAD (3.1B Views)
  2. The LAD Bible (2.7B Views)
  3. Viral Thread (1.6B Views)
  4. Tasty (BuzzFeed) (1.5B Views)
  5. 5-Minute Crafts (1.1B Views)
  6. Daily Mail (1.1B Views)
  7. Brightside (954M Views)
  8. Now This (828M Views)
  9. Met Daan (827M Views)
  10. Met Daan Creative (825M Views)

Share some of the sorts of video you uploading directly to Facebook that is generating opportunities for your business.


The Top 20 Reasons Your Business Needs Web Development

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I find still hard to believe that many businesses still done have a strong web presence. Especially when it is the single most cost effective marketing tool you can, if used properly, can grow your business rapidly. Where can nearly 5+ billion people get instant access to your company with just one search? Here are some things to consider as to why you need ongoing web development in your business: