Clients Ready For a Project

If your request is just a few tweaks on your website, we invite you to look at our monthly support plans as this can be included in month-to-month maintenance. Otherwise, projects we work typically focus on a website re-design or brand new website - full project in need of quality research and planning, design and development. View "Our Process" to read more.


 Clients Who Have A Product or Service

There are many clients who just need a website presence as a pseudo-business card, and although we are happy to work with those clients, we encourage them to think of their website as a gateway to more business. Results can come in all shapes and sizes that drive demand that lead to more business.


 Clients Who Have Passion To Learn

The internet is a gateway to amazing possibilities. We build sites that can be managed by our clients with a WordPress backend, so although we maintain websites for our clients, we love to see clients learn how to add and edit pages themselves, post to a blog or manage products. 

 Clients Who Are Goals Driven

If you don’t have clear goals, we are going to have a hard time pleasing you. Clients who are decisive about making sure that their message is clearly communicated and easy to understand in order to create customers.

 Why Budget Matters

It's always surprising to see businesses invest tens of thousands of dollars in an office or storefront but expect to create a website, their virtual storefront or front-facing office, as cheap and fast as possible. If you really want to knock one out of the park,  you are going to need to treat this as an investment and we’ll do everything possible to achieve a positive return. We find solutions for all budgets in providing a maximum return on their investment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal is to be a long term partner and trusted advisor in helping you accomplish your revenue and company goals.  That begins from day one in understanding every aspect of your industry, your position in it and what sets you apart from your competitors.  

We believe that if all of your competitors are doing it the same way you need to stop and do it completely different.   Fundamentally people buy from people that are like themselves and from someone they trust.  In todays world everyone of your competitors has features and benefits that they try to use to say they are different.  Truthfully prospects and customers don't care about any that since technology is basically the same from one provider to the next.  

What if you could craft the story that has you more concerned about understanding the customers real problems at an emotional level, in order to provide solutions that address them with the products/services you can actually provide verses trying to just get the sell!   The result!  The long term, loyal customers you want.

Cornerstone is known for crafting a companies story that will help you "speak prospect" that connects your company to your prospects and existing customers.  Once done it will draw in targeted,  new customers and will make the competition nervous!

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While any agency can do everything you tell them to do, few can craft a story that is at the heart of why it is your company does what it is you do!  

We will challenge you to question your long standing "sacred cows" in order for you to challenge the status quo within your company and your industry that will ultimately help your customers do and accomplish more from the products and services you provide.  At the core of this is to begin to think differently and to learn how to effectively speak prospect (the language of your customers). 

Often we become a virtual marketing assistant to an existing CMO or VP of Marketing as a way to reduce cost and bring the depth of an agency at a cost that is often times less than hiring a full time person.  Another option is to hire Cornerstone as your virtual marketing department.  Use us when you need us or as an ongoing partner to grow your business.  We provide a seamless way that your clients would never know that our team is not part of your company.

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That is a great question!  The best way to answer that is by asking your current agency or marketing team(s) the following questions that hey have created for you:  

  • Can you provide you real time data that shows a real ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment)?  
  • How do we speak prospect to our various markets so potential and existing customers will know we can solve their problems? 
  • In one sentence can you tell me exactly what it is we do?
  • What is the agenda for our next quarterly review and strategy meeting?
  • What is our company's story?
  • Why should someone do business with us?
  • What separates us from the herd of competitors ?

These are just some of the questions we want to know in order to help you drive your company's growth and long term success.

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The answer is yes.  We have worked with many companies over the last 25+ years that we can provide you with success stories once we better understand your business and what is you are trying to accomplish.  Each company has its own unique solution so often times we will share examples from several of our past projects to best illustrate the results you can expect from working with our team.  

Prior to engaging with us we will provide you with any references should you need them.

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We don’t take on more than we can chew. With nearly 25 years of working with clients or all sizes, we found personal attention to our clients is what makes them and us happy. For that reason, we only take on your project(s) if we have the team that can get it done right!

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We work with people who we know we can help. This sometimes means we turn away work, however we will not turn anyone away without actionable advice on an alternative avenue for them to pursue and/or to a solid referral to someone we know can help you.

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What Others Are Saying...

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Cornerstone worked with our 35 year old company in making our brand a leader in metro Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.  From a new website, branding recommendations, video campaigns and social media they have raised our presence in the local market significantly! 

Mark and his crew have been a great source of innovative ideas over the years that have helped Lorman grow.  We are looking forward to the many new and exciting ideas they are constantly working on for us.

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