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Podcast Ep. #013:  2-Minute Tuesday Marketing Moment Premiere Episode (2TMM)

Podcast Ep. #013: 2-Minute Tuesday Marketing Moment Premiere Episode (2TMM)

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This week we are premiering the 2-Minute Tuesday Marketing Moment.  Every Tuesday for 2-5 minutes we will share with you the tips, tricks, tactics, solutions, and resources to marketing to the next level for your business.  Each week here and on YouTube we will give the information you need to have a competitive advantage over your competition.  Be sure and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and on our YouTube Channel right now.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Premiere Episode

Links & Resources

  • More Coming Soon!

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Grow Your Email List Rapidly Using These 20+ Lead Magnets (Infographic)

Grow Your Email List Rapidly Using These 20+ Lead Magnets (Infographic)

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Are you looking for ways to give your email list a boost? Use a well-crafted lead magnet to encourage potential clients to sign up on your website.  Once they do signup they have made the first step in engaging with your brand

Productive and Free share their lead magnet ideas in this infographic.

Using Lead Magnets To Grow You Email List

Words and Phrases Actually Do Matter!

Words and Phrases Actually Do Matter!

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Marketing words today have been overused like Learn More… or Find Out How! While still effective can’t we do better. Isn’t it time to stop and at least try to not follow the pact or just do the normal stuff when creating a compelling call to action?

This infographic from CoSchedule caught my eye and got me to thinking about what new word could I use when creating a great Call to Action.  I picked – Discover.  What word have you picked to start using when creating your next call to action statement? Please share I would love to know!

Proven Words and Phrases

Is WhatsApp for Business? 6 Ways Your Businesses Can Benefit [Infographic]

Is WhatsApp for Business? 6 Ways Your Businesses Can Benefit [Infographic]

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Wait!  Another social media app!  No!  Hold on!! This one actually has some merit. WhatsApp has the capability to make a one-on-one connection with your customers as well as help in streamlining your entire customer service experience in ways your competition is not! Especially if you are a global company WhatsApp can be the most cost-effective tool you use!

Headway Capital share their tips for success in this infographic.

WahtsApp In Business

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