Is Ecommerce Here to Stay or Is It Just A Fad?

Global Ecommerce SolutionsWell based on the final three months of 2012, comScore is reporting that overall online sales increased 14 percent to $56.8 billion, marking the ninth straight quarter of double-digit growth.

With U.S. retail e commerce sales growing 15 percent to $186 billion for the full year, the strongest annual growth rate since before the recession, you will have to admit more an more people are relying on the Web to meet their needs and wants.

“With e-commerce growth rates consistently in the mid-teens throughout the year, it is clear that the online channel has won over the American consumer and will increasingly be relied upon to deliver on the dimensions of lower price, convenience and selection,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni.   With this sort of comment lower prices may be an ongoing trend we may see in the coming years.

Also worthy of note from the Comscore report is that the number of buyers rose 6 percent and spending per buyer increased 8 percent for the fourth quarter.  It just goes to show that more people are willing to wait a few days to get “gratification” in order to save money and not have to pay over $3.50+ a gallon for gas to go get it!

Our Po!nt: Do you have an online store yet to sell your products or services?  It not you should start investigating how to reach more customers with an online retail store.


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