Hiring The Perfect Salesperson

Any business owner will tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect salesperson. If you listen long enough you’ll find that many salespeople are often categorized as lazy, arrogant, self centered, over paid, hired guns that get to do nothing but entertain clients and play golf three times a week. Sound pretty darn good! As a matter of fact where can I sign up for a job like that?

What if you could hire the perfect salesperson for your company? Wouldn’t you agree that the perfect salesperson should have some if not all of the following characteristics:

– Always shows up for work on time
– Works late and on weekends
– Has a great work ethic
– Only needs to be paid once a year
– Doesn’t need any benefits
– Never takes a vacation
– Never calls in sick
– Never needs personal or sick days
– Never talks back to you
– Never wines or complains about his work
– Never asks for a raise
– Does what you tell them to do immediately
– Hangs on your every word
– Constantly giving you feedback on your customers
– Provides you with a completed activity report every day
– Grows your bottom line growth by at least 10% a year
– Is always willing to travel the globe to tell your story and to close deals

You would have to agree that finding such a salesperson like that would never happen or could it be possible? In reality you could have such a salesman like that in a well designed, professional website. A well engineered website will do all the things a perfect salesman can do and more.

It always surprises us to hear that over 60% of small businesses in America have no web presence at all. And the remaining ones don’t realize that an effective website is the single most critical business marketing tool they should have! Long before you hire a real flesh and blood salesperson hire, train, develop and invest in your virtual salesman first.

Most business owners don’t realize that the moment their new website launches their company just went global. No amount of advertising will give that far of a reach for just a few thousand dollars invested in your business.

If you are looking for that perfect salesperson you really don’t have to go to far! Be sure your company is working with a well established Internet marketing and design firm. It will ensure your investment in that ‘perfect’ salesperson keeps growing your bottom line.

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