How Search Engine Optimax™ Handles ALL of your Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimax™ is designed the way that you would never need any other SEO tool. This post shows you how it guides you through just one of the many features of Optimax™ – the whole keyword research process:

1. Get Keyword Suggestions

Research words with Wordtracker:

Wordtracker is yet another tool you can gain access to via Search Engine Optimax™ tools dashboard. It allows to set the match type to tailor your keyword research results:

  1. The Related match returns related keyword matches based on popularity.
  2. The Embedded match returns embedded keyword matches based on popularity.
  3. And the Exact match returns exact keyword matches based on popularity.


Research words with Google Adwords tool:

Google Adwords tool is another handy third-party utility that can be accessed from within Search Engine Optimax™
tools dashboard. You will be able to set the following keyword research options:

  • Provide up to 10 words;
  • Specify match type (Broad, phrase, exact).
  • Choose language (click “Tailor results to languages and countries” to access the option)

SEJ tools: Gogle keyword research tool

2. Extract Keywords from Any Page

(Useful for researching phrases your competitor tends to focus on)

Search Engine Optimax™ tools’ advanced on-page keyword analyzer runs semantic analysis of any page you point it to and helps you identify most relevant words to the current page:

Keyword analyze: add to SERP tracker

3. Find Keywords Your Competitor Ranks for

The feature powered by SEMRush: provide a domain name or an URL and learn which keywords they enjoy high rankings for (research the competition and try get their positions):

Sem rush: doain rankings

4. Monitor Keywords across Social Media and Blogs

The reputation monitoring tool you will find inside is not only good for reputation tracking, but to watch your main keyword; you can set it to aggregate results from all sources or just blogs, bookmarking services, Twitter, etc:

Social media monitor: add search

5. See Keywords You are Getting Search Traffic from

By letting Search Engine Optimax™ access your Google Analytics account, you get a more user-friendly report on your current search referrals:

Google Analytics: search referrals

6. Track Your Keyword Positions

Search Engine Optimax™ is equipped with advanced rank tracker that allows you to monitor your rankings across dozens of search engines (including local versions) and visualizes your position change via cool-looking graphs:

SERP tracker: trending graph

Our Po!nt: Can you think of any other keyword-research-related task Search Engine Optimax™ can’t do? Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of Search Engine Optimax™ now to gain control of your SEO!


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