Improve Customer Service After the Sale

It is a well known fact that an unhappy online ecommerce customer tells 10 people about their experience or more, while a happy ecommerce customer only tells three. Clearly, an unhappy ecommerce customer can have a negative impact on your e-reputation. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure satisfied online customers by improving your after-sales service.

Indeed, your post sale customer service is a major factor in the health and prosperity of your e-store. Post sale service helps increase customer loyalty, while at the same time influencing word of mouth. A good after-sales service makes for a great e-reputation – invaluable for any e-store! Here are just a few important ways to improve your after-sales service:

  • Multiply the communication channels between you and your clients
  • Establish a CRM system that allows you to build a customer profile
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and keep answers personal

Our Po!nt: Building long term customers just takes a little effort to make them feel important and appreciated.  What sort of things are you doing to build customer loyalty to your online store besides “great prices”.


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