What’s in a great Website Domain Name?

To build your web presence, you need to take great care in selecting a website domain name.  You want the name to describe your business, be easily remembered by your visitors, and most importantly, inform search engines about the nature of your website.  This thoughtful domain name choice will give you traction over your competitors.

Search engines have been refined over the years and are constantly being upgraded, but they are limited by the information you give them.  There are certain techniques you can use to improve a search engine’s ability to interpret useful information out of your domain name in order to give you a better ranking.

1.  Use keywords related to your business in your website domain name.   This is a great first step when it comes to search engine optimization.  For example, you run an e-commerce website that sells used parts for a classic car model – the original VW Beetle of the sixties.  When people use a search engine to find the product, they will be using keywords such as “used car parts” or “vw beetle.”  These are keywords that you want in your domain name.

Examples:  oldvwbeetleparts.com or

2.  Use separators between keywords in your domain name.  This further ensures that search engines interpret or “parse” the information on your website.  When the search engines look for information in your domain name, they determine the keywords by the recognizable separators.  In other words, “oldvwbeetlepart” would be more easily read by the search engines if it was “old-vw-beetle-parts.”

Often times a short domain related to your company, product, service or a result from using your company can often times produce great results for you on the Internet.

1.  Use as short of a website domain name as possible.  Most of the time, the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember.

2.  Use a descriptive domain name.  No matter how unique your product may be,
you need to be creative yet to the point.  A good example of this is what we did with one of our clients that has a product that gets odor out.  We chose the domain name www.GetOdorOut.com as it is short, easy to remember, and describes exactly what the product does.

By using some creativity and experimentation in choosing a domain name, potential customers and the search engines will direct traffic to you!

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