8 Reasons You Need To Make Product Videos

8 reasons for using video in businessVideo is no longer a “nice-to-have” component of a company’s overall marketing strategy. The statistics behind the success of video in building traffic, increasing conversion and engagement, and increasing brand awareness for your business are too compelling to ignore.  With YouTube being the second largest search engine is no longer just for music videos, cat shows, pet tricks and people doing stupid things any more.  Here are the 8 reasons you need to make videos for your business.

Pre-Selling new products

Video is a great tool to pre-sell and that increases actual sales. When viewers see an item being held and talked about by a real human being, they naturally get more interested in it. Lets face it we are too lazy to read lengthy articles and prefer videos for a much faster experience. Seeing real people talk about a certain product creates credibility and builds trust much more than photo and page full of words.

Videos show up in the search engines

Since Google bought YouTube, most likely, your the video you post will show up on searches on Google if they are properly optimized. When a video result is produced on the first page of a Google search is is 52X more likely to be clicked than a written organic or paid for result. This beats traditional SEO which is at best a long term strategy anyways.

Use Videos For Testimonials with a link back to your site

Get in touch with your customers and ask them to give a video testimonial. It’s more credible than written and audio ones. Now with just about every computer having a high quality webcam getting  video testimonial makes it easy to upload it to YouTube and embedded it on your website and social media sites. Sending it to your email list is another way to advertise and gain trust.

Team up with other big stars on YouTube who has the same community of followers that you want to get connected with. Promote their channel by mentioning them on your video or sending a video response. This will generate viewers and subscriptions on your channel.

Keep it short and simple
Keep in mind that you are making a short 1-3 minute video to inform and to generate a call to action not full length movie. No need to use fancy cameras and special effects (it’s your choice though). Spend more time on the content within the video and rest will fall in it’s place.  Technology is such that for under $2,000 you can have everything you need to produce great quality video.

Don’t be boring

YouTube now base its ranking not only according to the number of viewers but also to the length of the video watched. Make sure that the content is interesting and put some humor in it.  Whatever you do don’t just have a talking head in the entire video!

Add a ‘Call to Action’
Make a call to action by telling the audience to subscribe, purchase or do whatever you want. Just like conventional marketing you need to make sure you tell your viewer what to do, how to do it and what they are going to get out of doing.  Let’s face it the question ever viewer wants to know is, “What’s in it for me?”

Make a selection screen
At the end of the video, make an outro menu selection screen to secure your audience to still click your own video.

You can easily do this with Final Cut Pro, a movie editing software for Mac.

Our Po!nt: Video is the hottest thing that will influence a buyer to buy you and/or your company the quickest.  If you are not using video now you competition already is or is just about too!  Are your ready?


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