Best Product Video Ever!! Can a 4 year old sell trucks?

Best Product Video Ever!!

So many companies will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating videos that are designed to get the consumer engaged with their product to the point that they will go and buy it. Many will emphasis the various features or they might even approach with the benefits of owning their product.  Wait for it, then comes the advantages of owning their product over the similar competition product.  Wow! Same old same old stuff.  But what if you could incorporate all of those features, benefits and advantages in one place that tells a story to show all of them and one in one short video.

You’ll say that it is impossible Mark!  Well I’ve seen a great many companies tell their compelling product stories that moves them to buy.  From Pfizer, Duluth Trading Company and even Experian makes dealing with credit something real and relatable to the customers it serves.  The power of video

So What Can 4 Year Old Truck Driver Do To Sell Trucks?

I’ve seen a great many product promotions over the years but I will have to tell you this one about a little girl and big truck it the best product video ever!  No doubt about the quality of the product at any price.  When you watch it I want you to watch it and share your thoughts about the sort of message they are trying to communicate at the hands of a 4 year old girl.

Ok! Would you buy this truck after this sort of product test?  If so we would like to hear why.

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