OMG! Finally A 30-Day Road Map For Social Media Content

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OMG! Finally, someone did it!! Provide me a simple to follow road map to give me some great ideas that I can use to create content. Surely you have never had a block on what content to create, I will admit I do from time to time. If you looking for content inspiration for your social media posts to fill your social media content calendar check out Websites 4 Small Business infographic.

30-Day Social Media Calendar

Please give them some love!! Share with me your ideas to break your content creation block!

Podcast Ep. #005 – How Words Can Make Your Company Unique

Podcast Ep. #005 – How Words Can Make Your Company Unique

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Copywriter and messaging strategist Tom Tortorici joins Mark in the studio this week to discuss how the words you use in everything you communicate to your prospects and customers really do matter!  How you word and position your company’s central message makes a big difference in how prospects and customers respond to your company long term.

Tom will share some great tips on how to write great content that will make prospects into customers.  Listen Now…

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Company point of view VS. Customer point of view which matters
  • How to position your company’s message correctly
  • Why writing content first before you design a website makes sense
  • Copyrights tricks and tips that make word effective
  • How to provide ongoing value to customers and not always selling
  • What is Interactive Text?
  • How to optimize for humans!

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Social Media Optimization: 2019 Image & Video Size Guide

Social Media Optimization: 2019 Image & Video Size Guide

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Maximizing your social media presence in 2019 will be extremely important!  Making sure that you use the correct sizes to on your social media images and videos is a key element to that success.

Make a Website Hub shares their collection of the 2019 social media image and video sizes for all of the major social media platforms in the following inforgraphic.

Social Media Optimisation 2019 Video ImageSize Guide