How A Great Story Helps You Sell More

How A Great Story Helps You Sell More

On this week’s episode, we have Mike Wittenstein of Storyminers joining us.  Mike has some great insights on how a company can use stories for not only themselves to better tell their own story but how to use product stories to sell more products.  Join us as we discuss how you can “mine” your own core story to get at the very vein of what you do.  Mike also shares a very interesting perspective on how a company can reduce the size of a customer service department by telling better stories.  We can all learn how to tell a better story about what we do or sell.  Be sure to share your story with us.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • (1:58) Story Miners Origin Story
  • (3:06) Why the story can’t be all about you.
  • (6:48) The Curse of Knowledge
  • (7:49) The Customer as the Hero
  • ( 9:15) The Dynamic Duo of your business (Batman & Robin)
  • (10:18) Hero Making Business Tools your business needs
  • (15:57) Roadmap to a great company experience for your customers
  • (18:19) How the customer consume your story
  • (20:48) The stories needed to prototype products and services
  • (21:14) Mining for your company’s core story
  • (24:37) Story Example GE Ad (YouTube Video)
  • (25:49) Story Example Rit-Aid Ad (YouTube Video)
  • (29:07) Lightening Round
  • (32:55) Emerging Technologies
  • (34:30) Insights
  • (35:54) Takeaways

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