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Googel AnayliticsGoogle Analytics has changed not only its appearance it also has added things your really need to be tracking now that gives you even more information about your potential customers.  The lowest-hanging fruit of web analytics is counting metrics of such things like the number of visitors that come to your site and can be filtered to show what sites they’re coming from and how many of them have or haven’t been to your site before.

Google has broken down your metrics into three basic categories…

  • Acquisition – this are numbers related to new visitors, returning visitors, geo-tracking, mobile tracking, browsers and more.
  • Engagement – These numbers consider the quality of your site traffic. When visitors come to your site, they’ll do one of three things: read the page they came to, click to more pages beyond their entry page, or leave. Engagement metrics focus on these actions visitors are taking once they get to your site — and how good you are at keeping them there.
  • Outcome – Are you driving visitors to make online purchases? Getting them to view a specific piece of content? Aiming for more newsletter signups? Once you’ve pinned down your site goals, make sure your site administrator enables Goals in Google Analytics in the Account Settings page.

For more details look at this details article at Mashable that goes into more details.

Our Po!nt: When using Google Analytics you have to determine what sort of analytics you are going to tract as it relates to your customer demographics.  Share with us what sort of analytics are you tracking to grow your company from your website?

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