I bought it… hook, line & sinker!

Here I am planning my week with my nieces.   Should we go to the pool, movies, concert, beach?  That’s it… the beach!  Now finding a beach is the tricky part because I’m in Atlanta.  A lake beach, but pretty.  As I search online I find a website for a lake beach that has pretty blue waters and lots of fun slides.  The pictures on the website were beautiful and that’s what sold me!

So, here we are on the day of our lake beach adventure.  Picnic basket… check.  Towels & sunscreen… check.  I-pod with the best beach songs… check.  Directions, well GPS….. check.  So, we hit the road ready for a day of fun in the sun in the blue lake water.  I program our destination into Emily (this is what I have affectionately named my GPS since she talks so nicely to me even when I make a wrong turn).  Emily says our travel time is 1 hour and 18 minutes.  Great!

As we get within 2 miles of the lake beach we can’t help but notice our surroundings.  We’re not exactly in a beachy or even lake area.  In fact, we are smack in the middle of an older neighborhood.  Not a bad neighborhood just older, you know dated.  But we are not deterred… No sirreee.  We are lake beach bound!  After a couple minutes more Emily very kindly announces that we have arrived at our destination on the right.  As we pull into the parking lot I bring the car to a screeching halt.  What we see from the parking lot is not at all what I have imagined, or even seen on the website.  The landscape is overgrown with weeds that are over 2 feet tall.  The lake is more of a pond and is brown and murky.  The slides, the fun 11 slides, they are rickety single slides that you might see in someone’s backyard.  In fact, that is precisely what I thought I was looking at.  Someone had a large backyard with a pond and they put all these slides on it, started a website, posted some incredible eye-candy and waited for me… the sucker.  And I was!

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the importance of eye-candy on your website. Well, not that we are encouraging you to be untruthful about your product I think I’ve just proved our point (I could have done without the 2-1/2 hour road trip though).  Eye-Candy sells to the masses!  Oh and if you’re wondering… all was not lost on our day, not at all.  We meandered back to the pool at my friends place and had a fun filled day of swimming, Marco Polo, water guns and ball!

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