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We often find ourselves looking for that next news worthy event so we can issue a PRESS RELEASE or at the very least ping our blog, Facebook and Twitter sites.   Once we do have a subject to write about we find the next hardest part is coming up with that one quote or reference, the actual opinion that the post is based on.  Let’s face it, this is the one thing that we can add color to and that actually conveys our message.

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Also, we want our post to be interesting and catch the attention of the masses, but at the same time we have to take care to not get lost in using cliches.  When writing a post be visual with your words and tell the people something they don’t know.

Additionally, if you have to tell people you’re excited about something, then odds are it’s not that exciting.  Instead, allow the excitement of your subject to come through in your tone and the visual words you are using.

Don’t state the obvious… if your title is “Klucking Cures Cancer” don’t then write: “We are pleased to announce that klucking cures cancer”.  Instead say something like: “We expect klucking to do for cancer what by-pass surgery has done for heart disease”.

And finally, and equally important, is relevance.  Make sure that what you are posting about… whether a Press Release, Blog, Facebook post, Twitter tweet… is relevant to your reader.  Relevant in timing (why is this important now?) and in subject (what is so important about this that I need to share it?).

 The true mettle of a PR pro is what they do when the client doesn’t have any news.



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