Is It Time For A Website Makeover?

Shrinking sales. Fewer prospects. Tightening budgets. All the classic signs of a recession are here. So, what’s the next logical step for a B2B company to take? Website makeover!

OK, that idea may sound absurd at first. But according to Bill Gadless, there’s no time like a recession to revamp your Web presence. He offers three good reasons why:

In a downturn, smart companies seek to grow market share. “It turns out that down economies are the cheapest time to improve your market share,” Gadless reports, “because so many companies—probably including at least some of your competitors—will retrench.” Investing now in a makeover will put your company in a much stronger position coming out of the downturn.

Your prospects won’t stop buying, but they’ll think about it longer. According to Gadless: “[W]hile many of your prospects will still buy, they’ll spend more time than ever researching alternatives … on the Web.” All the more reason to revamp.

You can’t find prospects any more cost-effectively than via Web marketing. Regardless of the economic situation, this fact apparently holds true. “Study after study has shown that online marketing is the highest-ROI, most cost-effective marketing you can do,” he says. Investing in your Web site, therefore, is simply never a bad idea.

Our Po!nt: Keep your Web presence up even in a downturn. “To help recession-proof your company, your Web site and lead-generation process should be performing optimally,” Gadless advises.

Source: B2B Website Strategy. Read the full blogpost here.


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