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According to a recent white paper from Pontiflex, generating online leads grew 71% in the 2006-2007 time frame, more than twice as fast as the online ad market. But conducting a good campaign can present “publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies with serious difficulties,” says Zephrin Lasker. He offers four tips to “make online lead generation simple and efficient”:

Simplify your campaign set-up. Your lead-gen solution should enable all partners to “set up their profile only once, and be able to communicate [easily] with each other,” Lasker says. Tip: make sure data flows smoothly through each partner’s deployed standards.

Simplify and secure the lead-data transfer process. Lasker suggests following the Internet Advertising Bureau’s lead-generation guidelines. Example: they encourage publishers, advertisers and agencies to adhere to a common set of data-transfer field-naming conventions.

Implement solutions to facilitate timely reporting and follow-up marketing. The ideal solution is “one that enables real-time transmission of lead data and reports between the publisher and the advertiser/agency,” Lasker says.

Improve campaign transparency. Again, solid guidelines will help. Sample tips for advertisers: always know where your offers are running; avoid forced selections (pre-checked boxes that users have to un-check).

Our Po!nt: Consult industry guidelines to optimize your online leads campaigns. Knowing the roadblocks up front—and how to avoid them—will help boost results.

Source: Pontiflex. Download the white paper here.

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