Podcast Ep. #014: Branding Pet Peeves with Tricia Clements

Podcast Ep. #014: Branding Pet Peeves with Tricia Clements

This week’s guest Tricia Clements from Mutt Buts and Your Biz Watch Dog shares her branding pet peeves with us that she has experienced over the years.  Branding is so much more than logos and fancy graphics and Tricia shares with us some of the little things that can affect the impression your brand has with customers.  Listen now for how you can use this to sharpen up your brand in the marketplace and outperform your competition…

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Domain Name Ownership to protect your brand
  • Making sure you have a stable hosting platform so people have access
  • Claiming your Google My Business Account
  • Effective email addresses that reflect your brand
  • Using virtual business cards
  • Why Camel casing your brand is important
  • the use of Favicon for your web presence
  • Citations to expand your reach online
  • Social Media standards and using every inch of real estate
  • How speaking engagements expand your brand.
  • Video and why you need to embrace it for your brand
  • And much more in this episode…

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