Finding the Right Marketing Options For Your Business

Finding the Right Marketing Options For Your Business

My guest this week is Mickey Mellen of Green Mellen Media.  I’ve known Mickey for several years and I always walk away learning something from him about marketing everytime we talk.  With all of the options facing any business about which marketing is best for your company, Mickey shares his thoughts from a recent conversation we had.

In this week’s episode, Mickey shares some of the best marketing options for your business that you can use for your business right away! Also his insights on creating a marketing plan that works for you and the products/services you offer.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The benefits of using email marketing.
  • Methods to deploy to get people to give them their contact information and engage with your brand.
  • Whey every company no matter its size needs a marketing plan.
  • The sort of content that makes sense to create!
  • The sort of things that an agency can do to help you grow faster!
  • Why your About Us page is the second most important page on your website.
  • And a great deal more…

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