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We are excited to introduce you to Tim McClelland of the BullsEye Group.  We have worked with Tim and his company for the last five plus years on various projects.  He brings a very special insight to branding and its effectiveness in marketing and promotion of any business.  Check back often as he will be a regular contributor to our Brainstorming Blog.  Again, Tim, welcome and here is his first installment:

In today’s highly competitive marketplace for any brand or product to be successful it must OWN a position in each of its target market’s minds. The most successful brands DO NOT try to be all things to all audiences. Proper brand positioning is all about having a competitive advantage that is unique, desirable, sustainable and defendable against competitive attacks.

There are numerous positions you can own in your prospects’ mind so you have to decide which position will best support both your short and long-term business goals. Do you want to be known as the HIGHEST QUALITY brand, the VALUE brand, the LOW COST brand, the PERFORMANCE brand, the RELIABLE brand, the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE brand, the INNOVATOR brand, etc.

Consumers in any product category typically associate one brand with one market position so it’s critical to understand how your brand is perceived (strengths & weaknesses) relative to competing brands and which position, if any, you own. Investing in the right market research to clearly understand this is one of the best ways to ensure you maximize the return on investment for your various brand/sales building programs.

I welcome your comments and thoughts on this subject.  Visit to
learn more about building your brand and maximizing your return on your
marketing investment.  Check back in the coming weeks as I explore more about branding your business.

Tim McClelland
The BullsEye Group


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