Various Types Of Blogs

There are several basic types of blogs.  Even though every blog can not be strictly categorized, and some may fall into several categories, most blogs belong to one of the following types:

  • Diary-style:  this style describes a blogger’s daily life and personal interests.  Most are private, or read by close friends and family, though some older, more established dairy-style blogs are read widely.
  • Journalistic: This type of blog provides commentary and, sometimes, breaking news on current events, world affairs, and politics.  Most follow journalist codes, citing sources and correcting errors, but often challenge mainstream media.
  • Topical: These sort of blogs offer insights and opinions on specific topics, such as parenting, technology, or auto racing.  Often they feature advertising relevant to the blog’s main topic.
  • Photoblogs:  This style features photography in addition to, or instead of, text-based entries.
  • Videoblogs: Also called vlogs, these feature video content in addition to, or instead of, test-based entries.
  • Podcasts:  Not exactly a blog, podcasts are downloadable digital, audio based shows produced by individuals or companies.  Many blogs offer podcasts in addition to text-based content.
  • Moblogs:  A combination of “mobile” and “blogs”, moblogs are blogs that are updated using a mobile phone or PDA.  Although there aren’t many stand-alone moblogs, bloggers often include a moblog section in their blogs featuring text and other media produced on a cell phone or PDA.  NEws sites often solicit and publish mobloggers’ photos when breaking news.
  • B2B: provides a place on your sit to attract new customers and reatin existing ones with a blog that offers usefull content about your products or services.

No matter what type of blog you create blogging is here to stay.  We welcome your comments and thoughts.

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