Summary of 2011 Design Trends

I could tell the 2011 design trends would be amazing- from technology impacting web design to enhancing the user experience.  I was completely amazed at all of the innovations in the new HTML5 coding standards and the many great ideas on what technology could do for growing your business.

Take a moment to click this link to see all of the great 2011 design trends that you can use in 2012!  Discover…

  • Simple Color Schemes
  • Being Mobile Ready
  • Designing For Touch Screens, Not Mice (my favorite)
  • QR Coding
  • And More

Our Po!nt: Keep you mind and eyes open when looking on how you can improve your next version of your website.  Also post some of the trends you’ve seen as well.  Thanks for a great 2011 and see you in 2012!


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