Thinking Outside The Box

We’ve all heard the phrase “Think Outside The Box” but do we all know what that means and even more importantly…. HOW to do it?  Let’s break it down and see how it could apply to helping your company become more innovative.

  1. THINK!  Where do great ideas come from?  Do they come from the people running around and putting out fires?  Or do they come from those who think about the future, new products and new services?  How much time do you and your team actually just THINK? I think therefore I innovate!
  2. OUTSIDE!  Could it be that we don’t have any new ideas because our perspective hasn’t changed?  We spend so much time in our offices or in our departments that we are stuck in one mode with one perspective. Why pay an outside consultant top dollar simply for an “outside” perspective?  All we have to do is take the time to change our surroundings once in a while and as a team look at our products, services and procedures differently.
  3. BOX!  Simply put the “box” is our company’s culture.  And while your company culture may be wonderful, remember that within that culture is all the managerial overhead about your business.  Try to discard your pre-conceived ideas and notions and invite your team to find better solutions.  We’ve heard “if it isn’t broke why fix it” before.  While this can be a solid motto it also means you are not going to be disrupting your industry with the next new product or service that we all need and just don’t know it yet.

So if you’re STUCK inside the box then it’s time to gather your team in an environment that allows them to let go of their day-to-day responsibilites and think outside the box together. You might be surprised what you come up with together.

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