Hello? Hello? Anyone Out There?

I tweeted you 5 minutes ago…. where’s my re-tweet?
I FB’d you 20 minutes ago…. where’s your comment?
I texted you an hour ago…. where’s your text back?
I emailed you yesterday… and no response!

Sound familiar?  Perhaps you never said it out loud, but you thought it.  In today’s world of electronic everything we have all come to expect responses immediately.  This virus is simply called Instant Gratification.  We need the validation that what we said was important and meant something. Yes?  But did it?  Really… did it deliver the impact we thought so highly of?

When using your website, your social networks or your email campaigns don’t use just one tact.  Brainstorm with your team and other professionals and form a handful of different perspectives from which to market your business.  Then strategically and within a reasonable time frame hit your market with your new campaigns.  Some will work and some won’t.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Keep working at it.  Keep having your spring-board sessions and developing those creative concepts.  And remember, persistence pays.

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