Using Autoresponders To Build Long Term Customers

No matter who you are most companies fail to use the power of the autoresponder features that are available with applications on their site such as newsletter signups, online stores, membership sites, etc. to build relationships and improve sales.  An autoresponder is a pre-scripted, automatic response to such things as a newsletter signup, online order, or a membership registration.

Here are some ideas to use them for customers:

1. Send a confirmation email after a subscription request or purchase.
2. Send a thank-you message after a purchase (with an upsell to a complementary product, of course!)
3. Send tracking information for your customer’s package
4. Send helpful information about how to use your product once someone has purchased
5. Answer questions instantly with an FAQ email, and give an email address they can contact if the question isn’t answered.
6. Ask your customers if they are happy with the product after they have ahd it for a little while
7. Follow up on a purchase anniversity
8. Send a follow up on a your customer’s birthday
9. Offer a customer loyalty voucher after they had made several purchases
10. Remind customers to bookmark your site, and offer to email them when new information has been added
11. Remind customers if they have an appointment with you if you’re running a service-based website
12. Send out a short survey asking your customer’s opinion about shipping times and any improvements you can make to your product
13. contact customers and remind them of what you can do for them during the holidays and specific shopping season

Sending automated follow-up promotions will generate a healthy amount of extra income without taking really any time.  In fact, if you do it right you should expect a healthy increase your revenues.

Our Po!nt: Be sure that you talk to your web design firm to make sure you are taking advantage of the autoresponder features found in most applications they developed on your website.

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