Virtual Reality: Is Coming To Your Business?

Pokemon Go Virtual Reality Game
Virtual Reality has now arrived!

The Smartphone has shifted the way advertisers market towards consumers.  I’ve never seen anything more powerful than a device that seems to be permanently attached to our lives. If you ask anyone these days their smart device is never more than 4 feet from them, 24/7 and many say they cannot survive without it.  The best part about the Smartphone technology is that it can target specific mobile users.  It makes it easy for online advertisers to reach their desired target markets and locations.  Virtual Reality technology is now making that possible.

The newest app, Pokemon Go, only released on July 6th of this year, has placed the power of marketing into the hands of the local business owner. While many larger corporations are waiting to cash in on sponsored advertising through the apps PokéStops, small business owners are not waiting.  Many businesses are by simply applying guerrilla tactics to lure and profit off of their existing customers as well as attracting new ones by inserting themselves into the game.

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