4 reasons to upgrade to Adobe Flash Player 9

If you have experienced rich media on the web, including the likes of fully animated websites, interactive video, or even video chat rooms, then you are experiencing the power of Flash.  As many of you know, having an Adobe Flash Player 9 installed in your browsers will allow you to enjoy these fruits of the net.  With Adobe constantly upgrading their software it’s good to have the latest and greatest Flash player installed.  The best part of the installation is it’s free!  Here are some reasons to upgrade to Flash Player 9 from Adobe:

1.    Adobe Flash Player 9 builds on improvements from Flash Player 8 to execute content and applications faster.  That means quicker downloads of Flash media.

2.    Improved security for user’s sensitive data, and URLs to help ensure safer browsing.

3.    Improved video compression technology.  Bringing the users low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth video quicker downloading times.

4.    HD quality web video and audio.  Flash Player 9 now includes H.264 standard video support, the same standard deployed in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD high definition video players, and High Efficiency ACC (HE-ACC) audio capabilities.

With Flash installed on over 820 million Internet connected desktops and mobile devices it’s no wonder the upgrades keep coming.  Don’t get left behind.

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