6 Questions to Ask Before You Spend a Dime on Graphic Design

Pamela Wilson on her recent post on CopyBlogger talks about how she has helped businesses craft effective marketing materials for almost 25 years and seemingly with every kind of client.

With so many variables in how graphics appeal to viewers it’s hard to create a design or the supporting creatives to appeal to everyone. Too simple and you miss one market segment and to complicated you alienate another. Making sure you know why your product and services are good as well as who you appeal to can make all of the difference. You also need a marketing strategy beyond the “just pitch this product.”

So before you throw away perfectly good money make sure you ask yourself these 6 questions before you spend a dime on any graphics!

Our Po!nt: Even with a small budget a well thought out marketing strategy can produce amazing results! As always we would ike your feedback. What other questions would you add to Pamela’s list?

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