Do Your Customers Have “Thumb” Access To Your Company?

Thumb Access to Your BusinessAs a small business owner you keep hearing of your big-brand competitors going beyond the familiar confines of radio, television, magazines and newspapers and onto the Internet, smartphones, game consoles and tablets and you keep wondering how I can afford to do it.  Believe me digital marketing not only is significantly cheaper than traditional marketing it levels the playing field with your competition.  Moving to giving mobile access or “thumb” access to your business is the key in the coming months of out pacing your competition.  I assure you they haven’t even considered it.

With more than 42% of the country’s TV homes equipped with digital video recorders, which allow users to fast-forward through commercials, and some younger viewers leaving TV altogether, advertisers are rushing to build Internet infrastructures, create Web videos and funnel content to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  All of which are virtually free bring to life but take time to create and develop.It’s not that advertisers are abandoning TV. Last year they spent $68 billion on television commercials, and in two weeks last month they placed orders for $9.1 billion worth of prime-time network spots. But marketers recognize that affluent and younger consumers are as likely to be found glued to their cellphones or the Internet as the TV screen.  It boils down to targeting your ideal client and meeting them where they are at and that is they are now mobile more than ever.

Even the U.S. Army, which needed a new way to inspire potential recruits. In 2001, create “America’s Army,” an Internet video game that turned the adrenaline rush of simulated combat into a recruitment tool. The game was downloaded 12 million times.  No matter how you feel about the Army you have to give them credit for being innovative in meeting their potential clients right where they like to play.

Does it make sense to go digital as well as mobile with your marketing?  You bet!  More and more people are using smart devices such as smartphones and tablets to interact and react with their world that you need to be planning for it if you haven’t already done so.  Making sure that your website is mobile or “thumb”  compatible is the first step!

To check right now to make sure  your customers have thumb access to your website on any mobile device take your smartphone and go to its preferred web browser and type in your website address.  If what you see is only a tiny version of your current website your site is not mobile or  your company is not “thumb” ready to meet your customers needs 24/7!  The next time you redesign, upgrade or changing your current site plan on giving you customers and prospects “thumb” access to your company so you can be within reach of them constantly!

Our Po!nt:  With the way things are going online and prices are getting more and more reasonable for digital marketing services your need to make plans to do it now.  Make that first step by getting your site mobile friendly.  Let us know if you have any questions and we will try and answer them for you.

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