Famous Logos – How much did they cost?

Your Company Logo - How Much Did it Cost?We all have our favorite brands ranging from soft drinks to toys that on glimpse of its logo and we get a warm feeling inside.  Many companies spend tens of millions of dollars to make sure that everyone from the sign on the building to business cards is tattooed with their brand.  You will also be surprised when you read this blog that some of the best known brands were created by their founders and cost them nothing.  Really! Yep!  That is an founder/owner with a vision right from the beginning.

Starting a business or already have one with no logo or branding that defines, explains, creates, details or expands on your story?  You need to get one so people can get that warm fuzzy when they glance at your logo on your world head quarters!

Be sure and read this blog post from StockLogos.com.

Our Po!int: No matter what sort of business you have take the time to get your business tattooed with a logo that could very well become generational!  Got logo?  Share your logo with us and the great story about it’s creation.


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