Mac Daddy List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

List of Email SPAM Trigger WordsWriting the subject lines for your emails can be one of the most stressful steps of email marketing. You are always wondering…Is it engaging enough? …too short? …too wordy? …too boring? Is the person I’m sending ti to going to click ‘delete’ because of it? Or will they open it? You also have to wonder if it will even get to them, or will it trigger a SPAM filter? The last of these concerns is the reason we want to give you a great resource to use.

SPAM filters can be triggered for a variety of reasons, causing your email to skip recipients’ inboxes and land straight in their SPAM box. One of easiest ways to avoid SPAM filters is by carefully avoiding SPAM trigger words in your email’s subject line. Next time you sit down to write an email subject line, consult this exhaustive list from HubSpot to make sure you aren’t using any words that will get you in trouble. Make sure you bookmark this list so you can refer back to it every time you craft an email subject line.


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