Disruption – Your New Frontier for 2012

Those that are familiar with Cornerstone know that we are obsessed with disruption.  We are always searching for ways to to help our customers find that one disruptive moment in their own business when they discover what sets them apart from the competition.  Then what would happen if you exposed that discovery to the light of day?  What would happen if you took one of your existing products and applied it differently?  Would it create a new market segment?

We are always looking for products we find disruptive.  It’s funny sometimes where you find it.  In this case we found it One Pair of Eyeglasses at a Time.  Enjoy!

Our Po!nt: Where have you found disruption in a product you had to have or a service you could not live without? Where are you discovering disruption in the products and services your run across?  Share with us those disruptions here and tell us why you consider them disruptive.

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