Ahead of our time: New York Times Champions Cornerstone Media Group’s Approach

Back on November 15, Eric A. Taub wrote a very interesting article, How to Make Your Web Site Sing for You , for the New York Times giving small business owners insight on what their website needs to succeed. Mr. Taub may not have realized that is article was championing the Cornerstone Media Group approach to web design.

Mr. Taub focuses on two of Cornerstone Media Group’s specialties: Usability and Search Engine Optimization.

Why Usability? As usability expert Jakob Nielson told Mr. Taub, “Users spend 30 seconds reviewing a home page,” and for that reason, a website must quickly and easily give the user the information they need to make their decision about your company. As Mr. Taub reports:

“It’s all about the basics,” said Baris Cetinok, Microsoft’s director of product management for Office Live, a site that offers free Web hosting and design tools for small businesses.

Visitors must immediately find out “who you are, what you do and how people can reach you,” Mr. Cetinok said.

For this reason, we enable all of our clients to provide this information to their users immediately. In addition, it is our priority to make all the other valuable, user-friendly content of your website easy to find so that once a visitor to your site is engaged, they can take in everything you have to offer with as little work as possible.

Why Search Engine Optimization? As Mr. Nielsen says, “”If your site is not listed on the first page of search results, you might as well not exist.” No matter how wonderful your site is, if a potential customer can’t find it, it’s useless.

We work to make sure that search engines such as Google will index your site and get it as high on search results as we can. While Search Engine Optimization is a new science, we are working to ensure that the latest and greatest findings are applied to your site.

We already knew our approach to web design worked, but it’s always nice to hear it confirmed in the New York Times!

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