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If you have a Facebook account, chances are you are a fan of something or someone. But, if you’re hesitant to join in the social media hoopla (don’t worry, I was too) here’s how fanpages work. When you set up a Facebook account for a company, you actually create a fanpage, where Facebookers from all over the world can become a fan of your company and suggest their friends become fans also. Any status updates from your company show up in the newsfeed of all your fans. You can use this to make fans aware of specials, introduce new products or use special Facebook fan only discount codes!

Many national companies have utilized fanpages, such as Macy’s, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. However, not everyone has an attractive fanpage. What makes these companies stand out from everyone else? These companies, and several others, have integrated a section, such as the company homepage, About Us or Contact Us pages right into Facebook. You can check ours out here!

Not only can you have your homepage be a part of your Facebook fan page, but you can also have all of your fans and fans-to-be default to particular Facebook tabs. For example, many fans-to-be are directed to the homepage or About Us tab in the fanpage, while actual fans are directed to the fan comments tab or a tab introducing new products or specials.

So, how is it done? Facebook uses a special language, FBML (FaceBook Mark-up Language) to code the insertion of your website page. There is a special application in Facebook (FBML app) that translates the code of your website into FBML so your content can be viewed in Facebook. You can search Facebook for the application and follow directions or, if you are anything like me and this stuff is just way beyond your realm of geekiness, call us at Cornerstone and one of our gurus would be happy to help get you set up with an appointment for your very own Facebook Facelift! (no surgery required!)

Good Advice In Today’s Tough Economy

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I was reading one of our clients blog and thought you might appreciate what Howard Schultz of Starbucks had to say to Katie Couric of CBS.  As John Damiano of the The Providence Group point out in this 5 minute video, “Listen especially to the part where he gives advice to the entrepreneur in a down economy…..he is talking directly to all of us!!  I hope you enjoy it…”  Thanks John for sharing this with all of us!

Click here to see the video…

The Bra!nStorm: Even in a tough economy I have found that it’s you attitude that makes difficult times not so bad.

We welcome your comments and thoughts about what Howard had to say.

Ahead of our time: New York Times Champions Cornerstone Media Group’s Approach

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Back on November 15, Eric A. Taub wrote a very interesting article, How to Make Your Web Site Sing for You , for the New York Times giving small business owners insight on what their website needs to succeed. Mr. Taub may not have realized that is article was championing the Cornerstone Media Group approach to web design.

Mr. Taub focuses on two of Cornerstone Media Group’s specialties: Continue reading