Connect With Your Audience

audience is king1

We often forget about connecting with our audience because we are so focused on our branding, price points, advertising, social media, packaging and more.  Yet all of these things are created for and targeted to our audience.  When you connect with your audience, you are talking to people who want or need your product or services.  With today’s technology, they begin and end their search as quickly as possible.

As you reach out to your audience, whether in person or via social media, avoid the glib, the hip or the pretension to being a partner or a friend.  Their time is as valuable as yours is so make sure to connect with your audience, quickly.  A couple of tips to connect with your audience:

  1. Ask questions that can be answered so you can get your audience to participate no matter the forum.
  2. Be responsive regardless of the forum: personally welcome new followers on your social media networks, re-tweet when they’ve taken the time to say something, acknowledge feedback.
  3. Assume your audience is smart, and sometimes even smarter than you.
  4. Consider negative feedback as an opportunity to improve, even if the delivery isn’t constructive.
  5. Know that it’s okay to say, “no”, so long as you explain why.

When you connect with your audience you make them feel that they matter, and that’s a beginning to building brand loyalty.


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